Motsaudi Tree African Mangosteen (Garcinia Livingstonei)


Motsaudi Tree African Mangosteen (Garcinia Livingstonei)

Legend has it that long time ago, The Bayei who resided in the Okavango Delta used to travel by Mokoro/Dugout Boat to Maun. The entourage will then set up camp along Tlhamalakane River Bank, at the Majestic Motsaudi Tree. It was at this tree camp that the bayei will engage in a barter exchange Market with the residents of Maun. The bayei traded fruits, meat, fish, water reeds for sugar, tea, coffee, cooking oil and many home supplies. Since money was of no value to the inhabitants of the Okavango, only exchange of goods was the mode of trade. This trade will go on for a couple of weeks, at which point traditional beers and other pleasantries will be enjoyed.

Presently this majestic tree and its surrounding are in dire straits, the roots system have since been exposed by continuous years of erosion. Nhabe Museum has adopted this tree and through its conservation efforts, will restore the site and protect the tree as well as set up a camp in the model of how the bayei and residents or Maun previously handled their trade. Think about it, yes the Museum is seriously thinking of doing a Barter system once again. We seek funding to protect this Tree, this site, be part of change be part of history and part of a conservation story. In the near future the Motsaudi tree, the Old Kgotla building and its silos will form a tourism trail, the Museum will take tourists around this trail, financial benefits will go towards community projects where these monuments are found. Please contact us to discuss how you can fund this initiative.




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